Alexander Trostiansky




"With impeccable intonation and silvery tone, he is an artist to watch."

David Denton, "The Strad", England


"Trostianski est un violonist de tout premier plan: par la technique,
la musicalit, l'intelligence et la personalit"

Claude Gingras, "La Presse", Montral, Canada


"Trostiansky is suprimely gifted, a musician who both drives and driven by his instrument."

Jan Biles, "Journal-World", Lawrence, USA


Trostiansky's plaing could be characterized as "masterly". The violinist astounds by his
musical inventiveness and riches of sounds palette.

Feedback in Internet from the XIth International Tchaikovsky competition


"Paganini thought he alone would be capable of playing the piece. Alexander proved him wrong."

Daniel Douglas about Paganini's "La Molinara" rendition, "Evening Post", England


"Trostiansky's sound was rich and confident, and he played without unnecessary melodrama."

Bill F. Faucett, "The Palm Beach Post", USA


The charming sound, maturity and at the same time freshness of the performing, a power in combination with subtle lyricism - all this raptured the audience.

Inna Likht, "Rampa", Saratov, Russia


Alexander Trostiansky, well-known in Moscow chamber musician has successfully squeezed out of shallow but superhumanly difficult pieces maximum of freshness and musicality.

Varvara Turova about rendition of Paganini's "24 capriccios", "The Kommersant", Moscow


It is played by the gifted young violinist, Alexander Trostiansky, his nimble fingers getting around some hair-raising complexities as the music flies around the instrument.

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